SV Maia – Zoltan Balaton HUN


Dear Peter,
Thank You so much for the windpilot! Afterall I could tell you that your windpilot works so much better than we expected after our previous bad experiences with other units. Yours was the only well working in our lifetime! It realy made our life easier. In a well known book I read that the time if wind pilots is gone. Well, I think this is the only dependable device. Last summer it helped us to make the second half of the North West Passage and sail around Alaska!

We frequently write articles to the hungarian Sailing magasine and in those articles we said good things about your windpilot. I think You don’t mind. Last time in the 2017/2 we made a test about a few things we used on board. I will send you this article here. It is hungarian but at least you can take a look.
Thank You so much!
Best wishes,
Zoltán Balaton from boat Maia HUN WEITERLESEN

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