SV Kutani – Euan Mackay Scotland

Hi Peter, I am after your expertise, I had some great voyages again this summer, singlehanded from Ireland down to South of Spain wind pilot all the way and unsurprisingly the fastest speeds obtained was when I was sleeping !! Great piece of kit in all conditions that I have experienced.

One thing that I have noticed is that above 7knots there is a vibration that starts from the wind vane when she is under a little load it appears to be coming from the main swivel pictured below , last year I had disassembled and cleaned and replaced washers part number 341 as they were slightly compressed however I did not replace bushes 332 and 333 as they looked ok, do you think it would be worth replacing these to try and eliminate the vibration ? If so could you give me a price for the bushes delivery would be to the south of Spain.
Many thanks in advance
Euan Mackay

Hi Euan, simple reason: the wooden rudder will need to get moved slightly to the back ( about 1 cm at lower end will be sufficient ) as vibrations coming from overbalancing of rudder.

If you want to invest in a large step ahead, you should consider to upgrade the unit to the todays new rudder fork / aluminium rudder … the unit will perform much much better from second one.
best from Hamburg

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  1. Thomas SV Carmina sagt:

    Nennt man das Innovation? Und, oder Customer-Service?? Wie auch immer die Antwort lautet, oftmals ist eine kleine Erklärung der Sache Lösung.

    Is that what we call innovation? And, or customer service?? Whatever the answer, often a small explanation of the matter is the simple solution.

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