SV Gateway 4 – Peter Paternotte NED


Dear Peter,
we’ve been in touch quite some time ago, first in 2003 and lately in 2011. At the time I sailed a Vancouver 34 with a Pacific that served me well during several ocean crossings and coastal cruises. Getting older I sold my V34 but not giving up sailing I bought a Vancouver 27 and as it happens I miss my vanegear. The old Hasler that is fitted on my vintage yacht is about the last piece of equipment not replaced by more up-to-date equipment and by now I’m thinking about the next step. By pure coincidence a Pacific Light system is on offer in Holland, bought from you by a Victoire 28 owner who installed it only a few years ago but gave up long distance sailing. Will this unit be appropriate for my V 27?
Hopefully you’ll be able to answer my questions in a couple of days, many thanks anyway.
Peter Paternotte

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