SV White Witch, Manfred Jabbusch GER

HR 352, sailed singlehanded around the playball to sell his boat afterwards – the buyer an Australian yachtsman asked him to deliver the boat to his home country, so Manfred delivered it to him. The Windpilot Pacific Plus performed during the entire trip. Manfred wrote this message:
Hello Peter, I do not know if I gave a you the Information about selling White Witch. I have done my Circum Navigation last year and sold the boat to Joseph Laskowski. He is a Australien living in Perth. I have sailed White Witch from Trinidad via Cape Town 11000 NM to Fremantle most of the time using the brave working “Pacific Plus”. Under the badest conditions in the “Roaring Forties” she was a very , very reliable System. Wonderfull is all what I can say. Now you have a new Customer in Australia.
Thank you and Regards
Manfred SY White Witch read more

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