SY Sumara of Weymouth, Alasdair Flint UK

Email change with an obedient yachtsmen:

Hi Peter,

After 13 years of hard work my Windpilot is now in need of some tender loving care. Some of the teeth have stripped from the nylon turning gear and the whole unit has become rather wobbly. Do you offer a complete service if I were to return it to you or should I order the damaged parts and attempt to service it myself. Do you have a spares diagram?
Best regards,

Dear Alasdair,
unit got tender love, has been disassembled and assembled back again and getting cleaned from lot of Lanolin everywhere – even at places it should not be.

PLEASE be not attempted to use Lanolin for greasing purposes in future times because this will prohibit sentitive operation in light airs.

Kind regards from Hamburg – and always just a mouseclick away


And here the link to SY Sumara of Weymouth

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