SV Jessamy, Roderick Innes, UK

After sailing his beloved SV Jessamy, a RUSTLER 36, Roddy handed his boat over to some friend. One of them Jeremy Cobban contacted me some time ago:

Having sailed a friends Rustler 36 “Jessamy” with your excellent self steering gear for many years, a group of us wish to show their appreciation of the owner’s generosity by having a 1/2 hull model of it made to present to him. I have a man to do the model and the boat drawings but need details of the windpilot, presumably a Pacific, to make the model specific and authentic. Problem, the boat is laid up with only the bracket visible and I don’t want to alert the owner to our plans by asking him to fish out the vanes etc to get measurements. Have searched my photos but nearly all from the boat not of the boat with it rigged. Is it possible you have a simple sketch/drawing, if not dimensioned, from which I can take approximate dimensions? I cannot praise the performance of your product too highly on every point of sail and all weathers, even with spinnaker up and a quartering sea though being a long keel tiller driven boat does help! A sales blurb with dimensions of the vanes would be ideal. Email or mail to Jeremy Cobban, Fernhill Farmhouse, Mill Lane, Titchfield, Hants. PO15 5RB

Here is the result which I have got just some days ago:

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