SV Rubicon, Susanna + Jürgen Mohrmann GER

Jürgen anchors SV Rubicon in Carlisle Bay, Barbados, after nearly a month on the Atlantic.
Jürgen left Hamburg July 6, 2010Hamburg
to Barbados & Beyond
A Tartan’s Tale
Two sailors sit, becalmed, in the middle of the ocean on their 34-foot sailboat. Worried that provisions, water, and fuel will run out before the trade winds return, they are halfway between the Canary Islands and their destination, Barba- dos. What brought these two friends here? Natives of Hamburg, Germany, Jürgen Mohrmann and his long-time sailing friend, Gerhard Peters, are sail- ing Hull #1 of the Tartan 34 Classics, an Olin Stephens’s design with 43 years of sailing under her keel.
Here ist the full story about how the TARTAN 34 hull number #1 converted her life to Europe… published by Grace Holt in

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