Joli Morgann, tribute to a sailing beauty

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  1. Yoshimitsu Nakayama says:

    Dear Peter Foerthmann,
    My name is Yoshi Nakayama from Tokyo Japan.
    I’m a director of Hayama Marina Yacht Club which held International Yacht Match Race,that is Nippon Cup, from 1987-2004 in Japan.
    Many competitors such as Mark Buet,Mark Pagio came to sail in Hayama.
    I’m now looking for Joli Morgan yacht for myself.
    If you now some friends or dealer who can sell that beautiful yacht for me, can you please introduce me?
    I had been falling in love for more than ten years since she was introduced into Japan.
    Best regards,

  2. A.J de Kool says:

    Are you still looking for a Joli Morgann sailboat? what price do you want to spend i maybe know one with electric engine in beautifull condition? Pleas let me know anything… Kind regards Ad de Kool Nederland 0031644276353

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