SV Symi, Crododiles love affair with Windpilot

SV Symi in Bora BoraAustralian Pilot books mentions saltwater crocodiles to be dangerous, advising the following:
DO NOT leave the dinghy hanging out of the back, especially at night. In particular a rubber duck. Either tie it alongside or lift it out of the water. The crocodiles seem to have a love affair with outboard motors and rubber ducks in particular.
Crocodile bites WindpilotWe know better now, as we have realized a missing piece of 15 x 6 cm of the lower end of your Windpilot rudder – very obviously a “Salty” has has a love affair with our Windpilot which we did not realized…

Pilot book says “Just because you cannot see them, does not mean that they are not there.”
The book was obviously right:
Renate und Dieter Heller
SY Symi

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