Solo Circumnavigators 1965 – 2011

1895-98 Joshua Slocum Spray 36 USA
1936-38 Louis Bernicot Anahita
1942-43 Vito Dumas Legh11 Argentina, Southern Hemisphere
1949-52 J Y le Toumelin KURUN France
1955-56 Jean Lacombe Hippocampe France
1950-58 Marcel Bardiaux Les Quartre Vents France
1959-60 Patrick Moore Drifter
1956-61 Joseph Havkins Lammerhak 11
1959-64 Peter Tangveld Dorothes UK
1962-65 Wm E Nance Cardinal Vertue UK
1961-66 Michel Mermod Geneva
1964-67 Frank Caspar Elsie
1966-67 Francis Chichester Gypsey Moth 1V 56 UK
1966-68 Johann Trauner Lei Lei Lassen
1967-68 Alec Rose Lively Lady 36 UK
1966-69 Wilfried Eerdmann Kathaen Nui 34.5 German 69-72, non-stop 84-85,non-stop westabout 2000-01

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3 Responses to Solo Circumnavigators 1965 – 2011

  1. Rob Wyers says:

    Is there any information about Johann Trauner Lei Lei Lassen Circumnavigation 1966 1968?

  2. peter says:

    Unfortunately no.


  3. Graham Cox says:

    I met Johann aboard Lei Lei Lassen in Durban, South Africa, in the southern summer of 1968/9, when I was a teenage schoolboy. Lei Lei Lassen was a fibreglass folkboat, with a Spitfire aeroplane type of glass bubble on the deck and a homemade windvane with trim tab on the outboard rudder. Johann was a short, well-padded guy (I thought he was old but he was probably younger than I am now), with a reddish, sunburned complexion and shaggy ginger hair. He had a ginger cat called El Tigre that was unpopular with some other world voyagers rafted alongside Lei Lei Lassen at Durban’s International Jetty, as he liked to sharpen his claws on sail covers. Johann was a quiet, modest man. The day he left he just quietly hoisted his sails, cast off (he had no engine) and ghosted away from the wharf, unlike most sailors who would leave with horns blowing and cheers from fellow voyagers. Most of the other voyagers did not even notice he was leaving. He told me he was sailing around the world on a tight budget, to prove you did not need a lot of money to do it. His total funds for his circumnavigation amounted to $1500 Canadian. I’ve been squarely in that small boat, impecunious voyaging camp ever since. They are the only voyagers who really spark my interest. PS: Having just sold my 5 tonne, junk-rigged Tom Thumb 24, which has a trim tab self steering gear, I have bought a 7.6m, fibreglass 2.5 tonne yacht, also junk rigged, with a short counter stern, and am dreaming about acquiring one of your Pacific Light self-steering gears in the next few months. Having followed the adventures of Roger Taylor on his two Mingmings, (and written a Junk Rig Association Hall of Fame article about him), I am very impressed with the gear. Plus the approval of Tom Cunliffe. What greater endorsement is there than that?!!

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