Credited by Manuel Rathai, GER,

INVITATION to Windpilot sailors:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what price a video?

Moving pictures show more detail and tell a better story: have a look at the tale of the mysterious helm, for example.

Are you already an active Windpilot sailor?
Do you have videos of sailing under Windpilot?
Would you like to see your footage online?

Then help us out!

We would love to see your sailing films: views of your Windpilot at work, the sea and its various moods under sunshine, wind and storm, visiting whales and dolphins, birds on the lifelines, the crew asleep in the cockpit, your boat riding peacefully at anchor off a palm-fringed beach — we are interested in anything that captures the spirit of life onboard.

We welcome all formats, whether finished or unedited, with or without sound/music, via e-mail or on CD/DVD by post.

We promise to prepare and publish your contribution professionally on our site via YouTube. We will of course be happy to add a link to your own site should you so wish.

You can contact us at:

Bandwirkerstrasse 39-41
D 22041 Hamburg
tel: + 49 (0) 40 652 52 44
fax: + 49 (0) 40 68 65 15


Let us show you how Windpilots are made.

Watch us as we work.

We create our products using industrial technology and the latest manufacturing methods. We use CNC machinery, but remain a small and personal operation. We think that is the best way to work.

See for yourself: we are proud of our Windpilots and proud of the way we make them!


Do you still not have a Windpilot?

Would you like to find out what is involved in mounting one of our systems on your boat?

Then have a look at our installation videos.

Fitting a Windpilot is much easier than you might have thought: after all we did design them for straightforward user installation.


A Windpilot transforms life at sea.

Suddenly you have free time: time to watch your Windpilot at work, time to watch the birds watching you.

You feel like a guest on your own boat.

You have both hands free; time to shoot some video, perhaps?

This is how it really works at sea.


Sights and experiences from around the globe: the comical, the humorous, parties, landscapes, moods — everything that adds colour to the seafaring life.

The very best of times on and around sailing boats.