The Perfect Yacht

Comments about the perfect yacht
on the WINDPILOT website - what's wrong with that?

After all, we spend a large part of our time talking with sailors about the 'right' boat and, perhaps more importantly, trying to steer them clear of the 'wrong' boat. Ultimately the criteria against which a yacht intended for bluewater use has to be assessed are quite different to those for a boat destined to spend its days going round the buoys.
It doesn't seem to take much research for most of us to realize that every boat is a compromise. The perfect yacht still eludes us: too many of the features and characteristics we would like to see just turn out to be mutually incompatible.
Nevertheless we hope that the information brought together here will help you navigate your way through the dizzying welter of arguments for and against each type of boat and material.
We understand your bluewater dreams and we'd like to be there when they come true!

Peter Förthmann