SV Just Right, Angus Davidson UK

Golant Gaffer 6m participating successfully in 2010 JESTER CHALLENGE carrying the Windpilot Pacific Light at the transom. Angus wrote:
Dear Peter,
This past year has included three single handed cross channel outings in order to take the decision on the Atlantic crossing for 2008. The roughest was in May returning from Cherbourg in a forcast 5-6 S/W. This was later confirmed to be Force 6-9. This passage was through the night and in significant seas for a boat of this size, running under reefed staysail only and surfing down a quartering sea. Since fitting the PACIFIC LIGHT , I am enjoying both long and short trips as hook up as soon as I clear the Chichester harbour entrance. It makes all the difference in having an extra helmsman that can cope hour after hour in any conditions. (Note: I did go and do a proper sea survival course and up my gear to include a proper liferaft and EPIRB). read more and see the video in sep. posting

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