The riddle of the Orcas


Don’t even fish still have respect today?
Or why do they just take the oars away from sailors?
Just because modern fins are as tempting as crackers?
A tender bite, what a treat,
A popsicle with a stick in it
That’s supposed to be enough to navigate an entire ship?
In any case, mentally we are on all fours!
Hopefully the fish knows where its limit is,
what he is allowed to do and what he should not do!
Please don’t let him touch the rudder,
neither bite it nor rub it,
otherwise the sailor will have to replace it immediately
when he sees the black and white overtakers
in the glassy wake
and subito sends his shit into his pants,
when or because he’s put on the wrong ship,
which suddenly seems to him a fragile frigate,
at least when the fish wants to play with it
or he does his research,
whatever he feels like doing, or however he feels like doing it,
while the rest of the crew realise, ad hoc,
that their trousers are closer to them than their shirts,
they’d probably rather stay on land
to fall in love with the forest there.

Riddle of the Orcas

A thought process like an avalanche of dust
that silently befuddles our senses
for we all realise with horror
we bet on the wrong horse,
we have to ruefully recognise
that next to the beams in the water
now even creatures on the way
who only regard our oars as biscuits
we can be happy if we don’t end up with the fish.

Epilog: just some days ago a Sadler 32 disappeared from the sea due to Orcas
Peter Foerthmann