Peter Foerthmann has been the first port of call for bluewater sailors seeking advice in steering matters for decades. His unrivalled expertise – the product of a lifetime developing and manufacturing windvane self-steering systems and contemplating their every complexity – continues to draw enquiries from all over the world. Half a century of experience with both his own boats (several dozen have come and gone over the years) and other peoples (Peter has installed self-steering gear for literally thousands of sailors) has left him with a treasure trove of invaluable information to share.

This book focuses on the attributes that make a yacht suitable for bluewater passagemaking. It examines the differences between traditional and more recent design conventions and their implications for offshore use, explains why some modern boats may not be such a good idea for long-distance cruising and gives sailors in search of a timeless home from home plenty of practical advice about the features to look out for (and the features to avoid) if they want serious fun on the oceans with as little as possible left to chance.

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