Blue water

Cartoon for Blog Portal - by Inga Beitz SV Olgalou

The BLOG PORTAL has just been started

To date you can find a large list of yachtie´s blogs of the worldwide cruising community.

This portal will be extended constantly.

What can you expect to find on this link portal?

– Sailor´s blogs von A – Z an extensive collection of links to sailor’s blogs, YouTube channels and tracking information
– Blogs of Catamaran owners
– Blogs of yachtie´s being active as book writer

Would you like to add a link or links to your own adventures here? If so, just let us know – we are only ever a mouse click away!

Best wishes from Hamburg

Peter Foerthmann

3 Responses to Blue water

  1. Could you add our website to your blog list?
    Boat name Stamper.

    Thanks very much.

  2. Nick Coghlan says:

    Dear Peter,

    A correction and a request, if I may:

    a) You have correctly listed me and my wife Jenny (of Bosun Bird) as circumnavigators, but we are Canadian-flagged (Victoria), not British;

    b) I’d be most grateful if you could mention in the “press” section of your very extensive blog the recent publication of my book, Winter in Fireland: A Patagonian Sailing Adventure (University of Alberta Press, 2011).

    This is the narrative of a cruise in our Vancouver 27 from Cape Town (South Africa) to Brazil, Argentina and the stormy waters of Tierra del Fuego, interspersed with accounts of other travellers and navigators, including Slocum, Tilman and Bruce Chatwin.

    Noonsite commented: “For anyone considering venturing to this part of the world, or simply those that love armchair adventuring, this is a ‘must-read.’ Not only does Nick Coghlan paint a vivid picture of the tenacity and slight insanity required to attempt winter cruising in this part of the world, he also delves into the rich maritime history that the likes of Chatwin, Cook, Darwin and Magellan left behind. Nick and his wife Jenny, experienced cruisers with a circumnavigation under their belts some 20 years previously, sail from Cape Town to the Beagle Channel and the Strait of Magellan, skirting Tierra del Fuego (Fireland). Progress is slow in their 27 foot sailboat, and their days are dictated by constant weather concerns, tricky navigation and the harsh yet beautiful terrain surrounding them. Both enjoy exploring and hiking ashore, giving the reader a full picture of just what it’s really like to adventure in Patagonia”

    Further reviews are listed on our website ( The book is available through the usual online services, as well as from the publishers at

  3. peter says:

    Dear Nick,
    thanks for your comment. The information you gave will be updated with the next update soon.
    thanks for your correction and kind regards

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