SV Pjotter, Rhiannon Davies+Sebastiaan Ambtman NL

Breehorn 37 and her owners left her homeport in Den Helder for a two year Atlantic circle. Rhiannon Davies was born in Cambridge, Massachusstes, USA, Sebastiaan Ambtman was born in Den Helder, Netherlands to a Dutch father and Indonesian mother. He studied Banking and Finance at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and has been working until recently at eBay Inc.
Emma Davies Ambtman was born in June 2006 in Amsterdam. She sailed more than 1000 nautical miles on the Pjotter before her second birthday.
Macsen Davies Ambtman was born in June 2008 in Amsterdam. He has been sailing on the Pjotter since he was 10 days old and spent his first night on the boat when he was 3 weeks old. Continue reading their blog with perfect pictures.

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