SV Gwen, Alain Guennou FRA

Dear Peter,

as I promised some 17 years ago, I send you the pictures of the installation WINDPILOT PACIFIC 1994, on my new sailing boat ALUBAT OVNI30.
The system is working very well, like usual since 1994 on my former boat.
But, I have a little problem with the DELRIN bearing part #75, because since 1994 when I am not on my boat, I have the used to remove the rudder fork and the windvane shaft, for to avoid damage by other boat in the marina on a river with strong flood, so after 17 years of UV sun exposition this part #75 is destroyed leaving in dust. Now I put a little bag for to protect from the sun, but it’s too late.
So can you send part #75. Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

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