SV Guppy, Laura Dekker NED

Here is the Video of Laura Dekker, published via DER SPIEGEL

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  1. Jon Walton says:

    Appreciate the video clip – Laura just about at Hiva Oa in Marqueses – great sailor and like Jessica Watson here in Australia totally ‘mis-understood’. In almost both cases no one seems to have either of them what they repeat they wanted to do. One did the solo bit – Laura taking her time akin to the days as a child her parents sailed from NZ. Indian Ocean side going to ge interesting – personally believe for her personal safety round Cape Aghulas and into the South Atlantic though a much longer distance would be a prudent choice. Its Lauras call – looking forward to seeing her here in Australia at years end. Meantime – thank you for the video clip and data – Happydaze Jon 🙂

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