SV Olgalou, Inga+Vassil GER

Strong winds and hard work in the Canaries

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  1. Tony Camacho says:

    Hello Peter,
    I signed up to your blog and it is very informative and inspiring. I am 49 and am presently a self employed architect who is wishing to make a career change and use my architectural, construction management and carpentry skills to enter the world of boat design, repair and sailing. I do not have a background in boating. Matter of fact, never even have owned a boat. I have lived in less conducive regions of the country for boating and to boot have moved about the country which made it difficult to own a boat. But my yearning to be involved in the industry, in the lifestyle, never has waned. I am 49 and have decided I am going to pursue this dream. My question to you would be what advice would you have on how to enter this market. What key basic skills and certifications to they look for if they would even consider bring you on.? I would appreciate ANY advice.
    Such as :
    1. Who to talk to.
    2. Great boat building books for the beginner.
    3. What blogs to follow.
    4. Associations to join.
    Thanks so much for ANY insights you could offer.
    Tony Camacho

  2. peter says:

    Hi Tony,

    the internet is a fertile ground to raise any kind of info. May I suggest that you start with reading of the marine press and online offers as there are many around of you. You will find info of any kind and having decided which way to go, smaller boats or larger vessels you also will be able to find appropriate information.

    kind regards from Germany

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