SV Espen, Liz Cleere + Jamie Furlong UK

Oyster 435 with her owner Liz and Jamie on her way to MUMBAI, INDIA. Both are writing regularely for the British sailing magazin SAILING TODAY. Here are some interesting articles:

“SV ESPER to EGYPT” The intense blue waters and desert backdrops of the Red Sea have long been alluring to European sailors, but at a plrice. With fears of piracy and dangerous reefs at the forefront of their mind Liz Cleer and Jamie Furlong embarked on their trip from Turkey to Egypt with the secure framework of a cruising rally.

Here is their report about EGYPT – published in SAILING TODAY in September 2010 Egypt.09:10pdf

The report about Cruising Pirate Alley – published in SAILING TODAY in September 2010 Cruising PIrate Alley 09 : 10

The report about Sudan and Eritrea – published in SAILING TODAY in September 2010Sudan Eritrea 11:10

The report about the crossing of the Arabian Sea towards Mumbai – published in SAILING TODAY in March 2011Mumbai

If you want to follow Liz and Jamie´s adventures please visit their blog here

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