SV Jonathan – Caro + Marc van de Weg NED

Hi Peter, A few days ago we arrived in Puerto Williams from the Pacific. We had an uneventful crossing from Rapa Iti in the Austral Islands. Sure we had some weather but nothing extreme. The Windpilot steered all the way and as usual without any problems. Even a bit better then before for I had made a new pendulum rudder since the old wooden one had gotten very rough on the surface. So the new slick one performed even better.

Just heard of the Finish guy that needed to be rescued from the GGR. If your boat fills up with water so quickly you must have a major hole somewhere. Not just a hose coming of. Did the lower support of the Hydrovane rip out? The upper support looks pretty solid on the pictures but you can’t see any on the lower support. Would be interesting to know if the Hydrovane was still in upright positon when he had to step into the liferaft?
Some questions may arise:
Is the Watt&amp+Sea also mounted to the Hydrovane? To make matters worse?
How watertight were the watertight bulkheads then?
Guess Tapio must have seen if the Hydrovane had shifted?
But will you get honest answers since they al seem to cover their sponsers????
Cheers Mark en Caro on board Jonathan

SV Jonathan III – Caro + Mark van de Weg NED

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