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Good morning Peter, for your informationI have attached some images of a small modification I have made to your excellent Windpilot. I was finding the windvane adjustment with the thin red cord rather fiddly and did not make tacking an easy thing. I used to hang off the end of the boat and turn the worm spindle by hand.
So now with the help of a small continuous line dinghy furling drum and a reduction in the length of the worm spindle I can now use a long contiuous loop (no knots) of 6mm cord right up to the head of the tiller. Adjustment is super quick and tacking good too. A few good pulls takes the windvane though 100 dgrees. Job done! The stainless steel handle which I made a few years ago still sits on the end of the worm handle and gets used occaisionally.
I wonder if you could incorporate something similar on your models without too much effort? I guess it would involve a change to the casting to make it look less DIY which I appreciate is a big job. Just a thought.
best from the UK
David SV Kareela

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