SV Monsterpiu – Adriana Diaz – Jayme Santos Souza BR

Souza Maroc

This was my fourth time in Magrebh. We enter in Morroco at MARINA SMIR. After one week we decide to visit El-Jebha an ancient fishing port 47 miles east of Smir. when we clear out ask for an authorization to visit the port. The official call by mobile his colegues at Jebha and said “you can go” As soon we enter the breakwater someone was crying loud go away, go away ! Astonished with that situation go alongside a fishing boat and talk with another guy not so nervous like the other and he said to anchor at Cala Cangrejo, 100 meters from the main port. At night around 11:00pm we wake up with a lot of lights and noise from a gunboat. two officers come abord and look everything, including passports, boats documents etc…. At the end said we must leave next morning. Cant explain that we have a permission bla,bla,bla. Not a good memorie to keep from this beatiful country

— Peter this what happens
all the best
Jayme Vital
SV Monsterpiu

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