Windpilot – product information – press release

The 45-year history of Windpilot is peppered with trailblazing innovations. Founded in 1968, the company hand-built its NORDSEE, ATLANTIK and PACIFIC systems in stainless steel until 1985, when the launch of the PACIFIC and PACIFIC PLUS sister models brought a move to sand-cast aluminium. The next major step forward came in 1998 with the launch of the modular PACIFIC LIGHT, PACIFIC and PACIFIC PLUS sister systems, which Windpilot manufactures using an industrial standard fully-CNC gravity die/permanent mold casting process. The range then expanded again in 2007 with the addition of the SOS Rudder system, which is available in SOS PACIFIC and SOS SOLO models.
The chronology of the company’s rudder system development follows a different pattern. CONTINUE READING

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