SV Guppy – Laura Dekker NZ

After staying 24 months in Whangarei NZ, living on her boat, going to school, Laura heading for preparation for the next challenge: CAPE HOORN and ALASKA that´s the idea for a young girl, just being 18 years old. CONTINUE IN GERMAN “SPIEGEL” PLEASE

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3 Responses to SV Guppy – Laura Dekker NZ

  1. john kearney says:

    watched “maidentrip” last night . Incredible!! always dreamed of that myself
    desire, focus, and the confidence of a free spirit makes ANYTHING possible!
    anxious for your book in october
    ever visit Southern California?
    congratulations and God Bless

  2. Keith R Bubier says:

    I also watched Maidentrip yesterday evening. Easily the best sailing documentary I’ve seen. Ms. Dekker, you are indeed an inspiration, a model of courage, tenacity and indomitable spirit. If you’re ever in the Northwest Florida area you’ll we’d be proud to be your host while you’re ashore. Fair winds and following seas sailor!

  3. Walter Livaudais says:

    Wow, how strong is Laura Dekker. Just watched the movie and it made me scratch my head. How did Laura do that? I can not even imagine how steeled her nerves must be. I know you will never read this. I could tell from the movie you don’t have the desire to trifle with reading a comment from a stranger you will never meet. I get that, it’s great. But all I can say is congratulations Laura you are amazing and made me regret the time away from my daughters.

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