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CAPTURED BY PIRATES IN SOMALIA published by Elaine Bunting YACHTING WORLD on september 27.2011

388 Days held captive in Somalia – Paul and Rachel Chandler’s gripping account of captivity in Somalia is food for thought

At first glance, a new book by British sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler has a happy ending. The couple, who were attacked by Somali pirates off the coast of the Seychelles in 2009 and held in captivity for over a year, were eventually released safe and sound.

After reading their book and talking to them last week, however, my lasting impression of their experience is its sheer senselessness and inhumanity. ‘Hostage’ tells plainly of the pain and shock of being treated as no more chips in a drawn out game of negotiation. This is a sailing tale with only hard lessons.

Hostage: A Year at Gunpoint with Somali Gangsters by Paul and Rachel Chandler with Sarah Edworthy, Mainstream, £9.99. More info here

Worth visiting the website SAVE THE CHANDLERS to see what kind of support of private parties and hostage helpers they got and which uncommon way has turned out to be the successful way out of this kidnap situation.

Please read the entire comment of Elaine Bunting here

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