SV Elane – Eivind Amsrud NOR

Dear Peter, After 2 years of cruising and crossing the Atlantic both ways, we are now back in our home country, Norway. Just wanted to let you know that we have been very happy with our Windpilot Pacific MF3. It has been our preferred choice for self-steering and gets our recommendation.

We are preparing to sell the boat, and got an inquiry from a person that wanted to buy the windpilot. 
Would you be able to provide me with the updated price, incl. delivery to Norway, for a similar windpilot? I was also wondering if you have any thoughts of the typical second hand value. It is still in perfect condition.
Best regards
Eivind Amsrud SV ELANE
Dear Eivind, thanks for the reference. I am attaching your contact details for any sailors being interested in your used windpilot. You will realize that the market for used Windpilots is extrtemely fertile = good opportunity to achieve a fair price. For any support you will realize that I am just a mouseclick away from you.
best Peter

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