Jester Azores Challenge 2012 #2

ARRIVALS 19th june 2012

12. Basil Panakis in Jaba
11. Andy Lane in Bula
10. John Apps in Glayva
9. James Stock in Fly
8. Howard Chivers in Sandpiper
7. Nick Bridges in Dolphin
6. Thomas Jucker in Marta
5. Denis Gorman in Lizzie-G
4. Paul Mead in Independence 2
3. Tony Head in Triple Venture
2. Roger Fitzgerald in Ella Trout III
1. John Margarson in Muffin


Latest known positions and messages/news:
Edward Zajac in Holly: “Dear Eric, Holly’s position from 18.06.2012 1548: 41º33’.5’N; 12º 4’.5’W Best greetings, Marek”
Trevor Leek in Jester:
Nigel Stillman in Greta L:
Tim McCoy in China Blue:


Chris Garbett in Jasabe
David Knowler in Headway III
Bill Churchouse in Belgean
Peter Pochon in Merganiser Too
Howard Brown in Mary Ellen
Jonathan Hopper in Francesca
Peter Evans in Federwolke
Ken Docherty in Solo
Tony Stattersfield in Contessina
Paul Turner in Lasten
Philippe Hautfenne in Libid’eau
Jean-Jacques Lassale in Grigou
Chris Cowlard in Roulette

reported from Ewen Southby-Tailyour UK

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