The good, the bad and the just plain odd


Are you sitting comfortably? Here comes another unlikely – but entirely true – tale from the world of windvane self-steering. If you were still steering by hand in the 1970s (or if, indeed, you were yet to be born), you will have to take it on trust that the events I am about to recount really happened.

In 1976, ownership of Windpilot passed to me, Peter Förthmann, in exchange for a steel yawl. I lost my boat, but gained a job I loved and saw my horizons expanded beyond all measure – albeit at the price of one or two rather unpleasant experiences. Life (mine at least) has always been a magical mystery tour of shocks and surprises though, so my encounters with my fellow purveyors of vanegear fit well into the established pattern.         continue reading here please

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