SV Beruta – Arkadi Poliakevitch RUS

In summer 2015 I finally installed the windpilot! I ordered it new from Germany. It was indeed German quality! It does pay the price! I tested it first on my day trips to Bonaire and back to Curacao, another words, up the wind and down the wind. It worked like a charm in both directions! It is a magic! It steers the boat much better than Raymarine autopilot and uses no electrical power! Just wind and water. What else can I say: thank you, Peter Foerthmann for an excellent device that you invented! I should have invested in it from the beginning!

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Installation was particularly easy for HR Monsun 31. All it takes is to drill four holes in the transom and bolt it through. I only had to move forward the solar panel and relocate the storage plate for my outboard from the stern railing to the side; another words, to free some space for the windvane. WEITERLESEN

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