Line transfer ratio

23.01.2023 – SUPPORT REQUESTED via Garmin in Reach

Peter we are mid-atlantic and keep trying to make the wind vane and boat work together. Addressing weather helm on all points of sail. Getting used to double-ender cutter rig too.

Also have a hunch our rack and pinion steering may be a bit stiff for the WP system and wheel adapter. I adjusted ring 345 to near bottom of pendulum arm.

I feel like I’d have to over tighten wheel adapter to prevent slipping. I’ve been reluctant to do so per the Manual.

my response some minutes later:
If you can use / turn the wheel manually the Pacific will be better as it generating more power.

Q.1 . how many turn between endlocks?
Q.2. emergency tiller available for transfer?

Read manual: 1. set the vane angle 2. attach clutch at the ehwwel 3. fine adjustmens / trimm ONLY at the wheel, NEVER at the remote course setting at the vane itself.

It turned out that the total number of turns between endlocks is

I misspoke about wheel turning between rudder stops. It’s 0.9 turns instead of 1.5. Please advise if this makes any difference in WP adjustments. Thank you.

So, we found the reason about dissatisfaction !!!
Compare the encl. drawing please.

Here the way to go: both ends of rope from wheel ending in single block

both ropes from windpilot running THROUGH the new block … and getting fixed at sideward of the cockpit or pushpit.

result: pulling double power / half way

and you will be satisfied from minute one!

Success! Today we had the first good test of the Windpilot since we last communicated about the steering lines. The San Blas islands are short hops, so haven’t sailed much distance.

The extra blocks in the steering lines and extra wraps on the wheel seamed to do the trick. She steered steadily on a beam reach in 15-20 knots. In fact we were steering around shoals and small islands by just adjusting the maInsheet. So happy to finally experience the feeling and function we’ve been after.

I’ll continue working with the WP and will be in touch if any issues arise. Happy to have had this positive success before our Pacific crossing begins in about a month.
Thank you.

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