Beware of Diesel

Dear Peter. Salvador de Bahia was our first stop after crossing from Mindelo Cap Vert last year. Looking for a good place to feed our diesel tanks, people inform us Aratu Iate Clube. Why? Because Brazilian diesel by law, has 25% of Ethanol(álcool). Normally also comes with water and debris of sugar cane. (Ethanol in Brazil comes from sugar cane). After feeding the tanks at the yacht club fuel station, next day we decided to sail south, to Uruguay our final destination.
Only five miles after leaving the port, the engine stop. Then we decided to sail back, after looking the diesel color at fuel filters (we have three). In summary, the diesel was adultered, and after analysis at the official petroleum association (ANP) it shows containing Water and Thinner.
Authorized VP technicians comes and after the service (clean tanks, remove 610liters of the „diesel“ said it was necessary replace some engine parts. However, nothing available at Brazilian dealers, and we have to wait three months for needed to come from EU / CE. Most of the time because of Brazilian bureocracy of import. Adultered diesel is very common in Brazil specially at the northeast. Talking with boat owners at Salvador de Bahia, frequently they report same bad experience. Really unbelievable! I contact police, call a lawyer and the yacht club cudmore, and nothing happen.