Bowman 40 – Giles 38

Dear Peter, Guess my days of long distance sailing are over, and I’m planning to sell my Windpilot Pacific. I bought the Pacific model from you in 2018, and you shipped it to Florida. I’ve been thinking of advertising on eBay, but first I want to ask you, if you are aware of buyers interested in a used gear – of course at ‚used item price‘ and with a sales commission for you? If so, please let me know. Included is a picture of the windpilot newly installed on the Bowman 40 in 2018.
Regards Vagn Olsen

Some clearifikation about the Bowman / Giles story:
Most Bowman 40 were built to a Chuck Paine design. But before introducing the Paine design, Bowman offered a Bowman 40 to a Laurent Giles design, which was actually a Giles 38 with a reverse counter added. Not very many were built, but mine is a Giles.
My response of same day:
Dear Vagn, fully understand … second hand market is rather hot and certainly an interesting option on either local places or Ebay anyway. Trading and commisioning might end into VAT problems, and as a single hand family company some time is beyond of what I can arrange, as being 74 years old myself …I am hardly able and capable to organize the daily demand … ( but this is not at all a complaint! ).
Perhaps this might be the solution for you: Please contact FindV.P…
The Pacific unit has been sold same day and will be fitted to a Dehler 43 soon.

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