Ropes + Propeller

Peter, the cage is primarily to keep lobster pot ropes that are attached to floating buoys from snarling around the propeller. It’s usually a nighttime issue when you have a wind shift and need to possibly move the boat in the dark. Once you wrap that prop it’s game over in the close quarters of ledges, fast moving tided and shoals. The rope cutters on prop shafts work well until they don’t, so the cage keeps everything simple and 100%.
After 5 plus decades plying the seas both commercially and sailing as my first love it is safe to say I will remain doing so. My Whitby 42 ketch with full tankage of fuel and water with cruising gear/ground tackle weighs in around 32k. The thoughts on the steering gear are simple. Stronger is better, aesthetics mean nothing to me. I have had an opportunity to purchase previously used gear but have grown tired of the retro fitting process.
best from Chris Gilday Chesepeake Bay