SV Avenger – Esther Sancho + Joan Claret ES

Hi Peter, we write you to let you know that we are very happy with your Windpilot and to send a picture of Avenger with the final installation. At the end, the long MF4 arm was needed to give room to the vane because of the bimini, HF antenna and the wind generator. We had to remove the cloth tail and in some courses we have to retouch slightly the vane orientation to avoid the bimini arch.
We did the 99% of the Atlantic crossing faultless.
The 2 last days we had to use the electric pilot because of the sargassos weed. They where a lot of them and the blade that goes in the water lifted several times (without any damage).
So thanks again and best regards from Grenada!
The Avengers
Esther, Joan and Gerard from Avenger

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