SV Midnight – Niki + Ben Coulson UK


Hello Peter, thank you for support on Easter Monday! We have cleared for Banjul. ( The Gambia ). We’ve taken our vessel there 3 times.
Reading in your blog .. I have to say, that we’ve been in some of  the same waters my friend !

I recall meeting you on about 2000 at London Boat show. I was enquiring about your unit for my Colin Archer. I was concerned about the windpilot coping with that boats weather helm  You said.  “ Ben, your boat is a toy compared to my equipment “ it was funny then (and true). We still laugh about that comment .
Best wishes from Ben

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1 Antwort zu SV Midnight – Niki + Ben Coulson UK

  1. andre speet sagt:

    Hi, SV Midnight – Niki + Ben Coulson,
    I lost track on you, how are you tday ?
    SV MAE WEST makes ready for NW Passage right now.
    greetz, Andre

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