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Hi Peter,
I’ve installed Windpilot Pacific Plus on my Najad 343 in 2007. Since then it steered me along North-East shores of the US, thru November gales of North Atlantic, all over the Bahamas and Caribbean.

The system is solid, elegant and self-contained. Workmanship quality does not come cheap, but is worth every penny and comes with an excellent customer service . Windpilot performed well at every point of sail in various conditions for as long as there was at least 2 knots of speed thru the water.

The operation of Windpilot, just like any windwane, is not a „push button for dummies“, but can be easily mastered by any sailor willing to learn from the excellent materials provided by the manufacturer. In my experience, an inland or near-coastal sailor may be better-off with electricity-driven autopilot, but for offshore passages Windwane is a great option.
best regards from New York
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