SV Scot Free III – Anne + Frank Mulholland UK

Peter, I hope you and the family are well. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we last made contact. We left the boat in Nova Scotia in 2019, but Covid meant that we couldn’t return until 2021. 

Sadly the boat was then badly damaged in 2022 when the boatyard hoist collapsed on her. It took a year for repairs to be completed but we are now ready to go further north. 

I have re-mounted the Windpilot wheel hub, but when I tighten the two screws 023 they lock the hub. If I leave them loose it’s OK and turns smoothly. I can’t remember if they were always slightly loose or if there is a spacer missing. Could you please advise. 
Kind Regards
All the best

Dear Frank and Anne, what a mess … just read through your blog about 12 months last night. Astonishing courage .. from both of you. My compliments. I will write a bit about your experience of refurbishing a lovely Ovni within some monthS in Nova Scotia.

SV Scot Free III – Frank Mulholland UK

The two 023 are just placeholder until the entire set-up is being assembled … just leave both screws away as they are located at the backside / awkward place behind the wheel anyway.

Take care and follow your dreams …

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