SV Wadda, Margaret + Moe from North Dakota US

Current Location: Las Brisas, Panama City
Greetings to all our readers and visitors.
We travelled to Gamboa then boarded a canopied panga (long thin dinghy with large outboard), were soon under the old Gamboa bridge and out in the Panama Canal. We briefly stopped to meet some of the local inhabitants and watched some of the canal traffic. After a trip through a very narrow overgrown side channel we stopped for lunch on a houseboat in a protected side lagoon. We met some more residents of the Canal and rainforest ecosystem.

Some folk went kayaking, some snoozed in hammocks, some went fishing. I was very thrifty with my bait fish and at the end of an hour still had the same fish on the end of my hook. We zoomed back across the Canal to Gamboa and had just enough time for a trip to one of the artisan bazaars for some Panamanian handcrafts. Yet another Grand Day Out.

Please have a look to the spectacular pictures of Panama and the surrounding djungle and follow the adventures of this US couple

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