SV Lord Jim, Guillaume Patricot FRA

Brewer 36 sailing in Irish, Scottish and Caribbean waters having a Windpilot Pacific at its transom. Guillaume wrote this message: „Sehr geherte Peter, I hope this email finds you well. Apologies for not contacting and thanking you earlier re the Pacific MF1 we bought. Too many things to do to get started on the return sail to Europe. We tested the windvane around St Martin early May and left St Martin on 13 May towards Bermuda – but did not stop there. This email address is our sailmail email account by the way. We are now more than halfway between Bermuda and the Azores: about 600 miles left. Our pos is 36.06 N 041.14 W. The wndvane has been working very well under a number of wind & wave conditions, and so constantly. We have hardly had to manually steer – only following a steep windshift. So we’re very happy with it. Sincerely Guillaume“ read more

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