SV Spirit of Rockingham, Jamie Dunross AUS

Sparkman & Stephens 34 Disabled wheelchairdriver Jamie Dunross made his way to circumnavigate Australia sucessfully.
He arrived safely back in PERTH Western Australia on of august 2010. The Windpilot Pacific steered almost the entire time. Here Jamies report:
Hi Peter and Marzena,
I want to thank you both for your support by providing me with one of your windpilots – it is clear to me that I would not have completed my circumnavigation of Australia without the use of the Windpilot. It never failed, unlike the autopilot which failed on several occasions whilst navigating through the barrier reef. Even in tight navigating through the reef it got me through.

It was actually impossible for me to steer the boat manually at times, due to the sea state, so I think the Windpilot may have even saved my life at times as I could rely on it to hold my course when it was too difficult for me to manually steer the boat. I had waves roll through the stern of the boat and over the Windpilot and it still held firm and kept going. An absolutely amazing piece of equipment.

I am starting to go on the speaking circuit and did a talk last Sunday at Fremantle Sailing Club and sang the praises of the Windpilot. In fact as I went around Australia that’s exactly what I did as well and I had a lot of people ask me questions about it. Have you had much feedback from Australia?
I can’t thank you both enough for your support and trusting in me. I am so glad to be home. It was the most challenging thing I have done in my life and your support was a major part of the success of the circumnavigation.
Kindest regards
Jamie Dunross
read more and see his video blog

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