SV Mea – Matteo Richiardi UK

2023 marked the 50th edition of the legendary Fastnet race. The first edition, in 1925, was won by the 1913 pilot cutter Jolie Brise (pictured) with an elapsed time of 6 days, 14 hours and 45 minutes (Jolie Brise won again in 1929 and 1930).
Mea was too small to enter the official race, and the RORC made clear that they would not consider an exception, differently from what the RWYC did in 2022 with the Round Britain and Ireland race.
From their point of view, I see why they wouldn’t want slower boats, and from my point of view … well… that left me with one option only: doing it anyway, unofficially, Vertue style.
I have called this the “Slownet” – my personal challenge to no one else than myself. I have therefore sailed it single-handed.
Die Mea wurde im Jahre 1958 bei Cheoy Lee in Hongkong in Teakholz gebaut. Matteo hat dies Schiff in seine liebevolle Pflege genommen. nach Jahrzehnten des Segeln ohne Steuersklaven wird die Mea in Kürze nun mit einer Windpilot ausgerüstetCONTINUE READING

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