SV Negrita – Cristof Sellens Broeks PT

BENETEAU FIRST CLASS 10 – Que windvane tan bonito
Good evening, Peter. A quick saludo from Portugal. 
Your Windpilot drew a lot of admiring glances in  Barcelona….one woman commented „Que windvane tan bonito“ which I thought was a charming comment. Of greater importance, you will be pleased to know that the „stern ornament“ worked right out of the box!!
I had a bit of bother with the running backstays conflicting with the steering lines, but running backstays seem to conflict with everything. No big deal.
Our first voyage was a long and tiresome affair due to the typical Mediterranean wind holes. The little yacht is now snuggled up in a ruinously expensive marina in Portimao, whilst her skipper is snuggled up in a ruinously expensive apartment…..That’s life.

I read your book…..Interesting and thought provoking. It left me feeling grateful for not having suffered from bullying or ostracism in my younger days…..I was raised in what many would consider to be an uncivilised country……Viva la difference.
Keep up the good work at Windpilot….both of you!!  (That part of your book warmed my hear)

Greetings from Lisboa

Cristof SV Negrita

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