SV Sea Wind – Lars + Susanne Hellman – SWE

Hi Peter, It’s been a long time since we were in touch. But since then we have logged 50000 miles between Greenland and Antarctica with everything in between. However we are now in New Zealand and will stay here until May 2025. Our Windpilot has generally worked very well for us. The only real issue has been the servo rudder attachment to the cast aluminum joint. I have been forced to make a number of various reinforcement to avoid breakage but now it’s alright, I believe.

Another little issue is that there’s a wobbling movement in the bearing for the wind vane mechanism. See the attached video. Is that something we should be concerned about and if so what can be done?
Kind regards
Lars & Susanne s/y Sea Wind

Hi the Two of you, please lock #156 ( locknut ) on top of the pushrod JUST A BIT …. and the play has gone … perhaps even replacing the nut after 7 years. Thats about it!
take care and best regards from the North

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