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Good morning Peter, I am again reminded that good service lives on at Windpilot. From the first conversation at Earls Court boat show so many years ago the service has been consistent – even from the red sofa. Thank you.

Interesting – needs more time to read to digest than I have right now – but in the interim what I do know is that in two days of 40 winds we had (unusually) coming up from the Azores the Windpilot on the Contessa 32 kept us safe – no doubt. Submarining as we were locked in the cabin the Windpilot sailed on – taking us to safety to calmer water. A true friend indeed.
So our new boat is on the hard at the moment. I asked the question principally because I was/ am concerned to be sure to fit at the correct height which I assumed easier when in the water.

You never asked me for measurements for the new decice so I have assumed you have referred back to the dimensions given for the first unit. I fitted the first unit when in the water but this time round shall be fitting on the hard.

Incidentally, before I repair the holes that I now have having removed the the first system, I assume the next system will not be using the same holes profile on the transom or will I be making new holes. I assume yes, but thought I should ask.

Incidentally, I am waiting for £ to strengthen a little more and then we shall go ahead I expect.

With regards

My answer came straight:

Good morning back to you Martin,
that sounds like honey for the soul of an old man …

Thanks a lot … i am just continueing the path I have decided to go some decades ago: making the sailors happy will automaticly result into the perfect marketing tool called word of mouth … its working in automatic modus … miuch better than spending considerable time on silver birds to arrive in Boat Show imprisonments

I will check existing picts once retirnung to my home desk in Hamburg mid next week and will answer your question at that time…

take care and best regards from Polend

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