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Kerstkaart 2015

You may have noticed in the media: Surinam is in trouble thanks to the Bouterse government’s financial policy of squandering money. In April, Surinam was still going to become a second Dubai; in May Bouterse was re-elected; in June it was clear that things were going terribly wrong; and as of August turmoil is growing as a result of the tripling of energy rates for example. Devaluation of the Surinamese dollar by 25% and disproportionate price rises of 25+% … in short, a dramatic situation for the average Surinamese.

Fortunately in October, returning from Holland, we brought 130 kg of food with us and last month we stocked up on 6 cartons of rum. And in the meantime P has started a vegetable garden! The vegetables have really taken hold: the first cucumbers have already been eaten and with their plentiful flowers and small fruit, we will probably soon be sick and tired of cucumber salad, ratatouille [J1] and gazpacho. We already enjoyed our own callalloo (tasted like super spinach) twice, the tomato plants are blossoming, paksoy and kaisoy are ready to harvest and we are growing 10 eggplants. We are still working on the sweet peppers. On top of these, we have red chilli peppers and bananas and our mango tree is laden with 45 gorgeous whoppers weighing 600-750 grams each. So no need to worry about us! And although at the moment Suriname’s near future seems fairly grim, developments in Venezuela are promising.

We therefore send you this Christmas card showing the golden sunset we enjoy here so often, and we hope that dawn will bring a golden lining. This is our wish for you all and for Surinam – especially now – and all the people who share our love for this beautiful country.

Petra & JanWillem

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