SV Goyave – Daniel Jouve FRA


Dear Peter,
You haven’t heard from me since a long time, have you?
But, today I just cross a key milestone along my journey: 30,000 miles of singlehanded sailing around the globe and I wanted to share this event with you. 30,000 miles of which probably 29,950 have been steered by « Peter » my WindPilot Pacific.

FANTASTIC is the word which comes to my mind when I realize the massive work « he » has been doing during these past 11 years.
Winds from 4 to 45 knots from any directions, crossed swells up to 6m, Peter doesn’t mind, keeping Goyave (my Ovni 36) on track with a terrific precision.

Who said that wind vanes don’t perform well downwind? Surely not WindPilot!

How much care did I give to this outstanding crew member? Nearly nothing! Of course, replacing the steering lines and the blocks a few times as well as the  teltale so efficient by light winds, but NOTHING ELSE in 30,000 miles. That’s incredible!

I have a little tradition, but please keep it for you ok? After each substantial passage, I make a toast of my favorite single malt with him.

All this to say how much thankful I am to you and my best companion.
Thank you some much for this brilliant creation, Peter.
Your most rewarded customer.

Daniel & Goyave 14.06.2018 from Belitung, Indonesia

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