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Hi Peter,
hope you are well! Your Pacific steered our Ovni 435 perfectly for 95% of the time at sea (the only time we use the a/p is when under power) and only took over to hand steer on one occasion in the doldrums, in very light winds after a succession of squalls left the sea state all over the place – see my report ‚what worked – and what didn’t‘ on Attainable Adventure. and part two

Having had two windvanes before (Aries and a Monitor) for over 25 years what amazed me was just how easily the Pacific coped with winds that ranged from strong (reaching) to very light (running). Even my wife who has up until now viewed the vane as a creature of mystery is a total convert!

There is no doubt in my mind that the Pacific is the most simple, robust and dependable piece of equipment on the boat, and we would never be without it. It is the best windvane on the market in my view.

Thanks once again for a truly seaworthy piece of gear.
Best wishes always
Colin Speedie SV Pèlerin WEITERLESEN

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