SV Bravo – Matias Eli Brazil


Dear Peter, My name is Matias Eli, and I’m the owner of BRAVO, a J&V design build in Brazil in the late 80’.

I have the boat for almost 16 years and completed a single handle around the world between 2008 and 2010 thanks to my dear friend PACIFIC. Thank you for that and congratulations. It is fantastic, almost magic.
I sailed under very hard conditions with lots of wind and almost no wind, reaching and down wind, and the pilot always worked well. However I felt that the “course” is to limites, my ruder is big and the maximum steering was 15 degrees each side, so in general my sails needed to be reduced to a minimum for it to work.
I’m thinking of ways to improve it performance by either using a smaller drum attached to the ruder. Does it make sense (is needed I could increase the size of the rudder).
In addition I need to do a mantainance, changing all bushings and some other parts.
If possible I would like to have a quick chat with you do discuss the best solution and also to purchase a repair kit
Matias from Salo Paolo

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